Sightseeing experience

Jumbo Taxi Enjoyment Trip

Jumbo taxi tour to enjoy Ibusuki city.

Sunflowers that bloom around Lake Ikeda and somen streamers , Nishiooyama Station on the southernmost point of JR Japan, “sume” (Cooking with nature steam)

experiences at unagiike etc.

You can also heal your tiredness in the sand museum “saraku”(Natural steam sand bath)

Ibusuki tour by jumbo taxi with Yukata

Sightseeing experience

1st, you can choose a yukata as you like in" Higoya" , long established store in lbusuki and dress the yukata by professionals.2nd, lbusuki tour by jumbo taxi, and walk around. 

There are many great photo spots in Ibusuki which will make your Instagram gorgeous.

​Enjoy Ibusuki with graceful Yukata

Local dishes experience

chabushi local dishes

The chabushi that has been used in the southern Satsuma peninsula since ancient times has been consumed as a refreshing tea.

It can be easily consumed at one time, such as vitamin B group of  katsuobushi, inosinic acid,  lecithin, and catechins of green tea.

Every morning full of energy 100 times

​NPO法人 指宿観光体験の会

〒 891 – 0405 指宿市湊1丁目3−2吉永ビル2階
TEL 0993-23-8800     FAX 0993-23-8801